Buy less, reduce your impact and save

Unbuy helps you set goals, reduce consumption, and save money by buying less.

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1. Set your unbuying goal

What would you like to spend less on: food and drink, fashion, tech, travel, something else?

2. Get reminders to unbuy

Unbuy reminds you to stop buying unnecessary things. Turn unbuying into a regular habit.

3. Watch your savings grow

Start small and keep unbuying. Your savings will start to add up.

The system is pushing you to buy more. Push back.

Spend less on...

Common unbuying goals – things people want to spend less on:

  • Takeaway food and drinks

  • Transport and travel

  • Fast fashion

  • Gadgets and technology

  • Impulse buys and shopping

  • Convenience stores

  • Media and subscriptions

  • Add your own...

Screenshot of iPhone App
"I cycled to work three times more often last month compared to when I started – thanks to the regular spurring on by Unbuy! I've saved over $200 by not driving, not to mention the emissions."
"I wanted to drop my takeaway coffee habit and used Unbuy to track it each day. The first three weeks were hard but now, after a month and a half, I've saved over $100 by brewing my own!"

Your questions answered

Most companies want you to buy more. We want the opposite – we want to help you buy less.

If you're saving _for_ something it is generally just deferred consumption. Unbuy helps you save _from_ something. In the future, we would like to help you use the money you save for long-term investment, rather than consumption.

The only person who can change your behaviour is you. Unbuy is merely a tool that can help.

The current version of Unbuy is free to use. In the future, we may introduce additional features and a subscription plan.

Not as yet, however we will consider building an Android app if there's enough interest. Please contact us to let us know if you would like to see it happen.

Please contact us, we are happy to help.

Buy less, reduce your impact and save

Unbuy helps you set goals, reduce your consumption, and save money

The downsides of overconsumption and overly material lifestyles amongst the wealthy and privileged are a significant global problem. Our way of life causes disproportionate amount of emissions, extraction and waste.

In our research we learned that many people want to spend less but need some help doing so. What could be more motivating than unbuying and perhaps impact investing those savings into doing good?

Remember, individual action is merely the start, not the end. If you're serious about responding to ecological and climate breakdown, find other likeminded people and organise!

Business as usual is hurting the planet
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